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The renter agrees to be responsible for the care and general maintenance of the items or equipment rented. Any injuries sustained or damages to other persons or property due to negligence or mishandling of the items or equipment rented throughout the rental period is solely the responsibility of the renter.

The Wheelchair and Scooter Rentals of Myrtle Beach Inc. (WCSR) policy states that the renters are to use any and all items or equipment rented at their own risk.

This disclaimer leaves (WCSR) not responsible for any damages that may occur to any person/property involved in renters transactions.

The renter further agrees he/she will be held accountable for any damages to any and all parties involved during this rental period.

The renter agrees to this disclaimer by allowing WCSR to obtain privileged information that is private and confidential (ie. address, phone number, credit card for payment purposes, driver’s license or state identification information.)

The renter authorizes WCSR to receive full payment for all services provided in accordance with this agreement all the terms set forth.

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